The publication series Archival Textures seeks knowledges that are continuously obscured by normative perspectives on our bodies, desires, forms of cohabitation and expression. This entails critically tending to the site of the “archive,” as many institutional collections reinforce these normative perspectives and understand knowledge as something which can be classified, authorized, and recorded into a single intellectual framework. With Archival Textures, we draw from unlikely holdings of established archives and turn to local community archives, personal collections, and conversations to find writings of the past that can inform our current vocabularies of resistance and solidarity. By way of (re)assembling, translating, transcribing, annotating, and supplementing archival texts, the publications weave a poetic texture of knowledges, situating them within a transnational and intergenerational fabric of belonging. Each book is edited with a subversive strategy in mind, and is a testament to affective, collaborative practices and modes of research, building on queer, Black feminist thought.